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R & D

Our research department of technology is committed to research and development of highly functional and effective therapeutic devices and cosmetic products for the sake of a healthy life.

    Therapeutic Device

 LED Light therapeutic device, Ceramic therapeutic device,

 Pharmaceutical products, Quasi-drugs, Thermal bed,

 Thermal mattress

    Functional cosmetic product

Base Product               

Research and development of base

raw materials

Development of base products : skin care,

lotion, cream, essence, etc.

Hair products : shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Color cosmetic            

Research and development of color

cosmetic raw materials

Makeup base, foundation, mascara,

powder, lipstick

Functional Product                

Research and development of skin health and

anti-aging products

Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic products

Research of suncare products, skin-whitening

functional cosmetics and products

Research and development of functional ingredients

and raw materials


The 21st century is the era of pursuing well-being life.

Food products are developing into high value-added industries for ensuring the safety of products and maintaining health that meets consu

mer needs. In line with the trend of the pursuit of a well-being life, LS Life Science aims to be the pioneer in the field of bio-food researches.




      Research and Development of new materials using marine biological resources

Development of bio-foods with natural products using biotechnology such as anti-aging, antioxidants, thrombolytic agents, 

anti-cancer agents, immune enhancers and antidepressants.

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