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Therapeutic Devices

The principle of LED (Red and Near-infrared ray)
When 660nm and 840nm of Red LED and Near-Infrared Ray are exposed to body, they penetrate into the skin then absorbed to mitochondria of cells in the skin.

The light absorbed to mitochondria produces and activates bioenergy, therefore the light absorbed to cells rapidly produce ATP which leads to promoting bioenergy to produce cell metabolism and energy. It reaches deeply into cells, blood vessels and muscles of wounds or body to prevent aging of such part, and recovers and prevents the death of damaged cells and tissues. It also helps relieve muscle aches and degenerative pains.
LS Life Science’s LED Light Therapeutic Device is inexpensive and effective. When used continuously, it is more effective and have many advantages for acute diseases.

LED light helps with pain relief, wound healing, and infection prevention as well as following symptoms.

- Arthritis and other pain relieving
- Exercise pain, lower back and muscles, tendons, elbows, wrists pains and etc.
- Headaches, migraines, menstrual pain, cramps, bedsores, insomnia, sleep disorders and depression.
- Prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth.
- Helps breaking down fat cells.

It is more effective when used continuously.

Safety and Stability of LED Light Therapy Device
- No fever.
- No toxicity.
- Does not cause wounds nor hurt the skin.
- No side effects.
The 1st effects of Red and Near-Infrared Ray Light Therapy
- Vasodilation
- Activates lymphatic circulation
- Activates fibroblast
- Repairs broken cells
The 2nd effects of Red and Near-Infrared Ray Light Therapy
- Increases endorphins
- Reduces pain
Features of LED Light Therapy Device
1) The emitted light of LED can penetrate wide surface area. Thus, the multi-wavelength of the LED allows the LED to affect more types of tissue and cause more photochemical reactions in the tissue.
2) LED is safe, inexpensive, and delivers more energy output than surface area more smoothly and efficiently.
3) LED generates less heat, which allows brachytherapy and is economical.
4) LED has relatively narrow wavelength. It allows to select and use wavelengths that are effective for the treatment thereby shortening the treatment time.
5) LED doesn’t require high voltage. Therefore, it is safer and consume less electricity than the traditional laser.
6) Using LED is economical because it is durable. And is also lightweight, small sized, and easy to use.


The LED semi-conductor light (光) device of this product emits red and near-infrared light, with wavelengths of 660mm and 840mm, which irradiate your body and are quickly absorbed by cells. The rays help restore cells damaged by wounds or illness, alleviate pain and myalgia, and improve blood

In case of using a LED emitting the red and near-infrared light, there is no ultraviolet light harmful to the body, and LED is a semiconductor that emits light. If our body is exposed to 660nm red and 840nm near-infrared light emitted from LED, the light is well absorbed by cells inside the skin, and cells damaged by injuries or diseases are repaired. So, it helps mitigate a pain or muscular pain.

• Experience the benefits of light therapy!

• Alleviate pain and regenerate cells!

• Improve blood circulation and flow!

• Treat insomnia and depression!

• Target abdominal obesity!

• Red and infrared light from LED helps!

- relieve pain, reduce wrinkles on the face, hairs grow on head, reduce fat in the body, heal various kinds of other diseases, and make our body young and healthy.

Efficacy of LED light treatment apparatus-Photomedicine

• Heals various minor diseases

• Appropriate doses of light required for fast healing

• Natural medicine,Very effective,

• Continuous application proved effective,

• Acute diseases heal faster in general


• LED phototherapy can help one’s body heal quicker and offers safe temporary pain relief.

• If you suffer from chronic pain or other illnesses, please try LED phototherapy.

• Published international research for over 30 years upholds the benefits of LED phototherapy for pain relief, the acceleration of wound healing, and for its anti-inflammatory effects for many conditions.

Red and NIR Phototherapy


• Effective for pain relief from

- Sports / accident injuries.

- Backaches and sore muscles.

- Tendonitis & tennis elbow.

- Arthritis symptoms, and etc.

• Effective for wound healing.

- Increase of white blood cells.

- Improve cell growth and DNA synthesis.

- Wound healing.

• Effective for skin rejuvenation.

- Production of collagen.

- Reduction of wrinkles.

- Reduction of pigments.

• Effective for hair growth.

- Prevention of hair loss.

- Stimulation for hair regrowth.

• Benefits of Red and IR lights from LEDs.

- Disruption of bilipid membrane induced by superoxides.

• Effective for reducing fat.

- Fat reduction.

- Slimming.

- Body contouring.


• Device Name - Health Aesthetic Massage Device

• Model Name - LS-G-LED PAD

• Certification No. - MSIP-REM-L9S-LS-G-LED PAD

• Electrical Rating - Input:AC 100-220V 50-60Hz / OutPut:DC 9V 1.5A

• Date of manufacture - Indicated Separately

• Manufacture - LS LIFE SCIENCE

• Manufacturing Country - SOUTH KOREA

Infrared Low Frequency Healthcare Device (Therapeutic Stimulator)
This product is an infrared ray stimulator that is equipped to use infrared ray, low-frequency, and wave functions at the same time.
*KC(Korea Certification Mark)
The KC (Korea Certification) mark signifies compliance with Korea’s product safety requirements for electrical and electronic equipment and is issued by Korea-based certification bodies that have been approved by the Korea Standards Association. Manufacturers and distributors of electronic goods may apply a KC mark to their goods once they have completed the standard procedure. KC certified products can be used with confidence as they are certified products for safety standards.

Infrared ray irradiation on the areas of application alleviates muscle pain,
and delivers low- frequency stimulation to the sore spot to improve blood circulation with cupping function.
Features of LS-Infrared Low-Frequency Healthcare Device
This product is approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) as a product that has blood circulation improvement and pain relief functions in joint pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain (spinal back pain), and rheumatalgia.

Effects and efficacy : joint pain, lower back pain (spinal back pain), rheumatalgia, muscle pain and stiff shoulders' pain relief.
Top 3 effects of LS-Infrared Low-Frequency Healthcare Device
1. Infrared ray function - Pain relief

Can relieve various pains with infrared ray irradiation function.
When irradiating Infrared rays, strong infrared rays warm the areas of stiffness, pain, and inflammation. And the wavelength of infrared ray energy (600 ~ 1000 nm) penetrates deeply into the skin and irradiate intensively on knotted, stiff and painful areas to help alleviate and heal the muscle pain.

2. Low-frequency function - Muscle pain relief

Loosen knotted muscles with low-frequency stimulation, and tap, rub, pull and massage sore areas by stimulating with 11mA of low-frequency output to loosen stiff muscles, relaxes subcutaneous tissue and relieves muscle pain.

Provides a frequency of repetitive wavelengths to relax muscles with 12 different programs.
There are automatic and manual modes, and can be adjusted with 1 ~ 15 embedded strength programs depending on personal preference.

3. Wave function - Blood circulation improvement

The stimulation wave cup is made of silicon material that is harmless to the human body. Adsorbing the wave cup on painful, stiff and knotted areas by using negative pressure (suction) principle which pulls the muscles and opens the skin pores and helps blood to circulate smoothly, thereby the user can feel a strong relaxing feeling.

The soft silicon material enables convenient application even on curved areas of the body and is a semi-permanent product.

Convenient application even on curved, narrow and small areas (silicon material).
Easy use of infrared ray and low-frequency stimulation.

1. Infrared ray fucntion → 1st Relieves pain
2. Low-frequency stimulation function → 2nd Relieves muscle pain
3. Wave function → 3rd Improves blood circulation
This product is recommended for the users with following symptoms.
1. People who suffer from throbbing pain and muscle stiffness around the whole body.
2. People who have sore muscles due to sudden movement or exercise.
3. Housewives who struggled with household chores.
4. Office workers with heavy work.
5. Elderly parents who spend time on farming in the countryside.
6. People who work in a standing position or drive for a long time.
7. Students who sit at desk for a long time.
8. Athletes who suffer from muscle pains, strains, sprains and etc.

The cupping-shaped cup makes the user to easily use on both flat and curved areas intensively such as shin, shoulders, knee, calf, ankle, and etc.

This product improves your health with spinal disc therapy and far infrared warm heat rolling massage function. Simultaneously with warm heat to the spine , the lower part of the body is lifted from an angle of 0º up to a maximum of 29º to help the spine straighten out. Get a new experience with innovative products with 7 features in one product..

Product Features
Ergonomic massage system with “s-curve” considering the human spine
Far-infrared heat rolling massage that concentrates a desired body part
Spinal disc treatment by automatically lifting the lower body up to 29º
3-step automatic mode and moxibustion & section repeat mode
Reclining function helps circulation of brain and body blood
Can be set to the user's body (body length, leg length, ankle thickness)

1. Spine hot rolling massage Therapy
2. Spinal Disc Stenosis treatment
-Automatic reclining
3. Pelvic Correction Treatment
4. Spinal disc therapy
5. Posture Correction and Body Growth
6. Far Infrared Heat Therapy
7. Straightens the bent waist.

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